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We're glad to announce that we've restored the wrok exchange section. Wondering how this works? It's simple! Some cross promotion things need a human intelligence on them and can't be done with a program. If you want a comment under your blog or video that makes sense, if you want people to share your link on different social networks, and need related work done, simply Add it free to the Work Exchange Section. If you need points or simple want to have fun with it, you can just visit the Work Exchange and Do Work. It's that simple. Time to get busy. This is yet another way to thank you for using MinaGrey and being a nice MinaGrey Member. If you haven't joined us yet, remember that MinaGrey, the community for arts, science, literature, music, can be joined free

art licensing MinaGrey is glad to present Members with the unique opportunity of art, music, prose, and poetry licensing without commissions. You can now decide if you'd like to license what you contribute to the site, set a price for it, and see what others think. We currently simplify licensing with a "buyout": this means that you decide a flat rate for the single use of your piece, and that becomes the price of our basic licensing. Users will then be presented with the opportunity of purchasing the basic license or the full one. The full license is just the permission to use your piece for multiple derivative works, but it doesn't last forever (we currently set it to one year). Of course, you don't give up your copyright, which remains with you, and you don't commit to exclusive licenses (others can user the same work if you like). The great news now: all this without commissions. MinaGrey is committed to providing the best services to its community without a business-oriented or "money-making" philosophy. Tools and resources are made available to everyone, free.
Members can login and set their art, music, or literature licensing options, while prospective members can join free, with Facebook, Google, or with the standard signup form

Your contribution is only yours here, and belongs to you. Have a Facebook account? You can display the art you upload or the science articles you write on your profile, with MinaGrey on Facebook.
Not sure what your ticker will look like? Preview it here.
Bragging is a right.

You can now use our Google, Facebook, OpenID, and Twitter integration to contribute to the site. Want to post your own science articlss, but don't feel like remembering a new password? Login with Yahoo! Or with Facebook and Google! There's plenty of choice

Minagrey is a "social" website for Fine Arts, Music, Academic/Cultural news, and Literature. It is conceived to work as a cafe' des artistes, or a place where artists and intellectuals meet and share opinions, resources, ideas, or simply life.
The site is divided into areas that you can discover and use. Like to write science news? Are you an academic? Login with Facebook or Google and post your article. Are you in need for some free marketing? The protected Members's area has so many functions for cross promotion and marketing devoted to the community Members, that you won't use them all in one day: you can tweet, retweet fellow members, share posts on Facebook, like links, watch videos and like them, do some web surfing which is certainly going to help you and your fellow members with Alexa ranks. If inspired you can upload music, post prose or poetry, upload art, and even license them without commissions on our side. Meet like-minded people, join the one and only MinaGrey Community! The good news? It's all free. This doesn't imply a lower quality, or a second hidden sneaky goal: we simply believe that resources should be made available to everyone with interests matching Science, Arts, Music, and Literature.
You actually make MinaGrey by contributing to its content yourself, so it's yours. If it's yours, we don't understand why should you pay to use it. The bad news? We don't have any. We have the strictest anti-spam policy you'll ever see, and don't track you, don't advertise on site, don't send you emails of any sort.

Did you know? This website if best viewed with a special font called Calligraph.


Sarasvati Gallery

What's Going On: MinaSocial

MinaSocial Stream: Pamela Meredith's new piece on MinaGrey Pamela Meredith uploaded art: Towradgi Beach
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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Nicla Rossini on MinaSocial Nicla Rossini
" I've got a couple of science articles in need of some attention, discussion, even debate! One on EMDrive and other engines, the other one about the breathtaking spinal cord bypass in US. Find them here http://mina-grey.com/science-news/57/ and here http://mina-grey.com/science-news/56/ "
2014-08-19 16:43:04
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Nicla Rossini on MinaSocial Nicla Rossini
" There are a couple of science articles that welcome feedback. Members can comment with MinaSocial, but you don't need to login to add a comment with Facebook! Here's the latest one, about fluoridated water: http://mina-grey.com/science-news/55/ The other one is about rivalry, and psychology of competition. A much lighter topic for some http://mina-grey.com/science-news/54/ "
2014-08-05 23:41:22
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MinaSocial Stream: Nicla Rossini's new piece on MinaGrey Nicla Rossini uploaded art: Autumn Sea
2014-08-28 19:11:30
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Nicla Rossini posted science news
Not All Black Holes are Supermassive? The Cigar Galaxy Has Intermediate Ones Close to the Nucleus.

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MinaGrey on MinaSocial MinaGrey
" looks like the supermoon (yesterday on perigee) is making it impossible to hunt shooting stars, for those who are used to watch them on August 10th. No worries, that's just a tradition: meteors are visible through the whole summer, and ew had some in Aprill too this year. To see the perseids, you've got to look North-East. Try to find a dark place if you manage. Some meteors are bright enough to be visible with the supermoon as well. As for the super moon, we'll see it again in September,and then in 20 years approximately"
2014-08-11 09:45:59
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MinaGrey on MinaSocial MinaGrey commented on Nicla Rossini's's science article:
" interesting piece, thanks for writing it"
2014-08-05 23:29:46
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MinaSocial Stream: MinaGrey's new item available for download! MinaGrey uploaded:
Myth of Faraway Winds
2014-08-04 12:43:19

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iRetweeted! on MinaSocial iRetweeted!
" I must say that the most of fun for me is the Twitter section, with tweets and retweets. Sure, maybe because I don't have a Facebook or Google+ account and am not on YouTube either...Anyhow, I've added some work to do in the work exchange section. I'm giving 50 points if you give a try to iRetweeted! and send me your impressions. Only on MinaGrey ;)"
2014-08-20 19:44:25
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iRetweeted! on MinaSocial iRetweeted!
" don't forget that, if you want to grow on Twitter and monitor those who don't follow you anymore ( .( ), which is a good exercise to see what you're doing wrong too, you've got to check iRetweeted! It's 100% free, doesn't have hidden costs, doesn't surprise you with follows or retweets you don't want. Doesn't track you, doesn't email you. We don't know what else should you desire ;) http://iretweeted.co Oh, and remember! Being kind is free..."
2014-08-19 17:15:20
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Spangaloo on MinaSocial Spangaloo commented on Nicla Rossini's post:
" thanks, reading them ;)"
2014-08-19 16:52:17
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MinaSocial Stream: Maya Telford's new piece on MinaGrey Maya Telford uploaded art: Pray For Tibet
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Richard Cresswell Thomas's new piece on MinaGrey Richard Cresswell Thomas uploaded art: The Luminant
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Elena Sokolova's new piece on MinaGrey Elena Sokolova uploaded art: Lacemaker
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Petros Yiannakas's new piece on MinaGrey Petros Yiannakas uploaded art: Heavenly
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Eziuzo Obunikem's new piece on MinaGrey Eziuzo Obunikem uploaded art: What happens when i handle my pencil and eraser.
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Clayton Kelley's new piece on MinaGrey Clayton Kelley uploaded art: Oklahoma Homestead Circa 1889
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Liss Silverwing's new piece on MinaGrey Liss Silverwing uploaded art: Poppies - Original Miniature Painting
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Manasa Patapatnam's new piece on MinaGrey Manasa Patapatnam uploaded art: Do you have a name?
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Nick Froyd's new piece on MinaGrey Nick Froyd uploaded art: Dancing Gypsy
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: chris devries's new piece on MinaGrey chris devries uploaded art: Zebras
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Kyle Mark Wood's new piece on MinaGrey Kyle Mark Wood uploaded art: Rustic Aged 4 Owl Group
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Tara Shalton's new piece on MinaGrey Tara Shalton uploaded art: Radiant
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Sayali Mahajan's new piece on MinaGrey Sayali Mahajan uploaded art: Thriving In The Desert
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Stephanie Grant's new piece on MinaGrey Stephanie Grant uploaded art: Wood to Water
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: MaryEllen Frazee's new piece on MinaGrey MaryEllen Frazee uploaded art: Floral II
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Dugourd-Caput's new piece on MinaGrey Dugourd-Caput uploaded art: Sublimit
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Davandra Cribbie's new piece on MinaGrey Davandra Cribbie uploaded art: Freedom
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Bojan Eftimov's new piece on MinaGrey Bojan Eftimov uploaded art: Fragile Souls
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: Harold Bonacquist's new piece on MinaGrey Harold Bonacquist uploaded art: Adirondack Reflections
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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MinaSocial Stream: moyya samuel johnson's new piece on MinaGrey moyya samuel johnson uploaded art: Nepali Old Woman
2014-08-28 16:06:51
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Art from our Members!

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 Harbour Light (c)Elena Sokolova. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Adirondack Reflections VII (c)Harold Bonacquist. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Chinese Ink - Mountains (c)Nicla Rossini. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Shadows Will Rise and Face the Wind (c)Nicla Rossini. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Adirondack Reflections XI (c)Harold Bonacquist. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Olavinlinna (c)Elena Sokolova. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Mask of the God of Avarice (c)Richard Cresswell Thomas. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Skies (c)Nicla Rossini. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Flagstaff Point (c)Pamela Meredith. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Sail (c)Elena Sokolova. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members  Roman Woman (c)Tara Shalton. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Her dream (c)Elena Sokolova. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Summer Loneliness (c)Nicla Rossini. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Gypsy (c)Tara Shalton. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Go With The Flow (c)Richard Cresswell Thomas. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Village Woman (c)moyya samuel johnson. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Chinese Ink I (c)Nicla Rossini. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members The Mountain Goddess And Her Love Of Boats (c)Richard Cresswell Thomas. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Waves at Bulli BEach (c)Pamela Meredith. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members Blue (c)Richard Cresswell Thomas. Copyrighted Original Art from MinaGrey's Members

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